Finding the Grey

A Virtual Exhibition

Finding the Grey  is an ongoing study of paintings which explore the blending point of opposing forces. Imagining methods for the acceptance of information, Chambers has created compositions that often border both realism and abstraction. 

"Paper, by virtue of its intended function, has a relationship with the human need to communicate with others, to direct emotion, thoughts, values and knowledge. With or without obvious markings upon its surface, crumpled and discarded or particularly arranged, there is an understanding that a piece of paper has been created and influenced in content, form and gesture by its previous handler. Paper is made for our manipulation, and my work explores this relationship."

Reversal, 40" x 30", Oil on Canvas, $3 300

Merge, 40" x 30", Oil on Canvas, $3 300

Love Notes - Remember the Day, 14" x 14", Oil on Panel, SOLD    &    Love Notes - We Were, 14" x 14", Oil on Panel, SOLD

Remove the Veil, 14" x 14", Oil on Panel, $725

System Reorganization, 14" x 14", Oil on Panel, $725

Beneath the Surface Miniature, 14" x 14", Oil on Panel, SOLD

Solitary Reflection Gradient, 48" x 40", Oil on Canvas, $4 400

Window to the Other Side 1, 14" x 14", Oil on Panel, $725     &     Window to the Other Side 2, 14" x 14", Oil on Panel, $725

Creation is a multi-step process. In many of the pieces in this exhibition, Chambers aims to find the middle ground or 'grey' between two extremes or social contexts. Any pattern present is imagined and then created by the Artist. Pieces such as Window to the Other Side 1 & 2, begin as a diagramed notation in the Artist's sketchbook. Chambers develops her sketches and expands on the idea until she feels that it expresses its intention. Next, a still life is created and photographed for reference material. The painting process itself explores the photographic reference while allowing the materiality of the paint to play with light, texture and colour. 

Expansive Boundaries, 30" x 24", Oil on Panel, $2100

Love Notes - The Way We Love, 30" x 24", Oil on Canvas, Commission, SOLD

In Your Eyes, 30" x 30", Oil on Canvas, $2900

Sweet Dependance, 30"x 30", Oil on Canvas, $2900

Thank you so much for your participation in my virtual exhibition. If you're anything like myself, I've really missed mixing and chatting about art this past year. Thank you to my partner for capturing these photos of me in conversation with studio mates during set up. Thank you to Akin who continues to provide affordable studio space for Artists within the city of Toronto, and thank you to Collision Gallery and Quad Real for the opportunity to be a part of this downtown community. 


If you have any questions about this series, to acquire, or join the Artist's collector's circle, please email Lindsay Chambers. All works in this exhibition, except for Expansive Boundaries, have been created during the past eight months. Shipping worldwide is available. The artist is available for commissions in the new year and has some limited edition prints available at

Thank you. 

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