Are We Knot, 36" x 60", Oil on Canvas, Work in Progress, SOLD


A Spring Exhibition - Celebrating Colour and Renewal

Open Studio - A Spring Exhibition  is a celebration of colour, life and renewal. The included works are an ongoing study of paintings which explore various forms of reflections, colour exploration and the relation between people and paper. Many of these works are still works in progress. All work in this exhibition are pieces that took me on a personal journey and were made for this exhibition. All works are available. Price list follows the exhibition. 

One Hundred Reasons Art Print in Custom Framing    &    Love Notes - Look At All You Bring To This, 30" x 30", Oil on Canvas 

Unstructured, 12" x 12", Oil on Panel   &   Love Note - Hold the Day, 12" x 12", Oil on Panel   &   Power From Within, 36" x 36", Oil on Canvas, SOLD

"Paper, by virtue of its intended function, has a relationship with the human need to communicate with others, to direct emotion, thoughts, values and knowledge. With or without obvious markings upon its surface, crumpled and discarded or particularly arranged, there is an understanding that a piece of paper has been created and influenced in content, form and gesture by its previous handler. Paper is made for our manipulation, and my work explores this relationship."

Power From Within, 36" x 36", Oil on Canvas, SOLD

Love Notes - I Want Everything, 30" x 30", Oil on Canvas  &   Love Notes - Look At All You Bring to This, 30" x 30", Oil on Canvas. 

Please Note that these pieces match each other exactly but due to lighting issues during my photoshoot they appear slightly different. If you would like to request more accurate images, please let me know. 

Love Notes - I Want Everything, 30" x 30"  Oil on Canvas   &    Growth Gradient, 12" x 12", Oil on Panel   &   Reversal Mini, 12" x 12" Oil on Panel

Exploring colour

Many of the works created over the past years explore greyscale. What may not be evident to the the viewer is that all they greys used in these works are developed through mixing colours (not black and white). Grey will change colour depending on neighbouring colours, becoming warmer or cooler with slight variations. This series pushes the play on colour, with seemingly monochromatic oranges, iridescent silvers and gold foil reflections, mixed with traditional grey made with colour theory techniques. 

Most of the pieces included in this exhibition have been created between January 2022 and today. Many of the ideas for these paintings have been in-development as sketches for over two years and are finally allowed to live, fully developed, on canvas. 

Support, 36" x 48", Oil on Canvas   &   Lean on Me, 36" x 48",  Oil on Canvas

Light and Colour - Lighting is incredibly important in and I want to apologize for the lighting difficulties I experienced during my photoshoot.


Creation is a multi-step process. Any pattern or text present is imagined and then created by me. Pieces such as Unstructured, begin as a diagram notation in my sketchbook. I develop sketches and expand on the idea until I feel that it expresses its intention. Next, a still life is created and photographed for reference material. The painting process itself explores the photographic reference while allowing the physical characteristics of the paint to play with light, texture and colour.

Reflective Pause, 30" x 30", Oil on Canvas, SOLD

Quiet Reflection 24" x 36", Oil on Canvas,    &     Nothing Goes Unnoticed, 24" x 36", Oil on Canvas

Other works in progress including two Love Notes 30" x 30"  &  Love Note Flame 48" x 40"

Thank you so much for your participation in my virtual exhibition. If you're anything like myself, I've really missed mixing and chatting about art this past year. 


If you have any questions about this series, please reach out to the Artist.

To Acquire:

To acquire paintings presented in this exhibition, or join the Artist's collector's circle, please email Lindsay Chambers. 

Shipping worldwide is available. More information about available Paintings, Commissions, and Limited Edition Prints please visit

Thank you. 


1. Love Notes - Hold the Day 12” x 12”
Oil on Panel

2. Growth Gradient 12” x 12”
Oil on Panel

3. Solitary Reflection Gradient Mini 12” x 12”
Oil on Panel

4. Unstructured 12” x 12”
Oil on Panel $650

5. Reversal Mini 12” x 12”
Oil on Panel

6. Persevere 14” x 14”
Oil on Panel $800

7. Nothing Goes Unnoticed 24” x 36”
Oil on Canvas

8. Quiet Reflection 24” x 36”
Oil on Canvas $3350.00

9. Reflective Pause 30” x 30”
Oil on Canvas $3350.00

10. LN-Look At All You Bring To This 30” x 30”
Oil on Canvas

11. Love Notes - I Want Everything 30” x 30”
Oil on Canvas

12. Love Notes - Untitled 30” x 30”
Oil on Canvas

12. Love Notes - Untitled 30” x 30”
Oil on Canvas

13. Power From Within 36” x 36”
Oil on Canvas

14. Flame - Untitled 48” x 40” Oil on Canvas $5060

15. Lean on Me 36” x 48” Oil on Canvas $4600

16. Support 36” x 48” Oil on Canvas $4600

17. We Are Knot 36” x 60” Oil on Canvas $5700

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